NHS Friends and Family Results

Answer Total
Very Good 2384
Neither Good Nor Poor 155
Poor 67
Very Poor 35
Don't Know 17
Good 590
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Comment Date
I have found all staff and doctors very welcoming and give a service far exceeding, that, which I hear many other practices offer. Friday 24 May
I have had very proactive treatment from the gp’s at the practice. They have been very empathetic and rapid in arranging consultations. I have also found the pharmacy to be extremely helpful and efficient.\ Friday 24 May
We have been with the surgery for 43 years and we have no complaints at all. Friday 24 May
The service the surgery gives is exemplary. The Long Bennington Surgery proves that such service can still be done in this day and age. Friday 24 May
Relatively easy to get an appointment Friday 24 May